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Shopping and doing business online is a matter of trust. Only if the visitor on a website trusts the provider it will come to a successful transaction. In this context reviews and experiences from other customers are of great relevance. Trustami connects the reviews of a business from different platforms and aggregates all on one trust badge.
We understand our product as “digital trust id, which contains everything relevant”, which for instance increases sales on marketplaces or enables business transactions between two entities. The Trustami trust badge can be used by companies from any sector and by private users.

More information about the relevance of reviews and customer experiences for your bunsiness can be found here.

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Customer experiences are the best advertising for your business

Product reviews

Trustami provides a service that enables every company to show product reviews for their own products. This is also possible if your business havn't got any product reviews yet. With us you save a lot of time and effort, because you get access to already existing product reviews easily. ... more

Review aggregation

Do you already have reviews, likes or followers on several portals? With Trustami you can pool all customer reviews, likes and follower easily in a few clicks and present them on your Trustami trust badge. This happens totally automatic, up to date and reliable. ... more

Trust Badge

Integrate the Trustami badge on your website, your online shop or any internet presence and show all your reviews at a glance to potential customers. Our trust badge helps you attract more customers and present all relevant information about your customer experiences with your business (reviews, followers or likes), with no need to leave your website. ... more

SEO Boost

Successful SEO consists of many building blocks that are interdependent. The Trustami SEO & Marketing Boost shows you the most important SEO building blocks and explains the most important steps and measures. The SEO & Marketing Boost with Trustami Check is especially profitable for website owners who deal with the topic of SEO for the first time and want to get an overview of existing errors and potentials of the domain. ... more

Business Profile

Become trusted and raise your traffic as well as your sales. Publish your reviews on your business profile and decide which information customers can see there. The newest reviews will be displayed on your profile automatically. You can show or hide every network individually on your profile if you want. ... more

Google Stars

With Trustami your product and category pages will be enhanced with rating stars in the organic search engine results. Thus, your customers can see your trustworthiness even before they visit your website. Your advantage with Trustami is that we combine all your reviews and send all these information to Google. ... more

Rating Insurance

Have you ever thought about loosing all your ratings and review from one of your account because you cancel your account or get kicked out from a platform? That's why we are offering a review insurance that saves all your ratings and reviews even after the deletion of your account on a marketplace. ... more

Rating Alert

To enable companies to be capable of getting an overview over all distributed ratings, we've introduced our rating alert. This function automatically sends an email in case your company gets a negative rating on one of your connected networks (eBay, Amazon, Trusted Shops, Trustpilot, Idealo etc.). ... more

Rating Dashboard

As a company owner you are very interested in your online reputation and how your reputation is changing. The Trustami dashboard gives you detailed information. No matter where your customers are reviewing your company, you will always keep track of your ratings and get an overview where you got them. ... more

Trustami Award

The first independent award that show your customer how well you are performing in comparison to your competitors. All providers will get awarded who are performing very well in comparison to all other providers on a single platform. This means that businesses are awarded where the number of ratings and the ration between positive and negative ratings are above average. ... more
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