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Feature details

All ratings and reviews at a glance

Trustami enables you to combine all your customer reviews and social media feedback in one place.

Easy response to reviews

Use your profile to respond to every review at one place. Make use of negative reviews and show your customers what you have to say.

Individually customizable profile

Customize the appearance of your public Trustami profile.

Shop directory listing

Your shop will be listed in out shop directory so that your customers can find you still better.

Easy use on our partner platforms

Already integrated - easy way of showing your Trustami trust badge on our partner platforms (e.g.

Trust badge

Integrate the Trustami trust badge into your own shop website and show your customers all your ratings and reviews at a glance.

Rating and review update

All connected platforms will be updated periodically so that all new ratings and reviews will be imported into your Trustami account automatically.

Google stars

Your review stars will be displayed in the organic google search for each subpage of your shop website. Additionally, google stars have a positive effect on your page rank.

Profile Optimization

Our support will assist you and help to optimize your Trustami profile in order to attract more visitors to you.

Trustami award

Trustami compares your performance to all other businesses on a platform. If you are a top business, you get our unique Trustami award to show your customers your outstanding performance. Notice: You have to be qualified for the Trustami award.

Rating and review alert

React faster to your ratings and reviews. With the activated alert we send you an e-mail in case you get a review in one of your connected networks.

Rating and review insurance

Trustami saves your ratings and reviews permanently. If one of your accounts on a platform will be closed or you want to switch to another platform, you won’t lose any rating and review.

Integration support

A Trustami expert will help you with the integration of your Trustami trust badge in your shop system or your website.

SEO & Marketing Boost

Increase your ranking in Google and optimize your web page with our SEO-Team. We analyze your page and give you recommendations what to do. We also present you in our blog and Social Media channels. For offline purposes we provide you with marketing material.

Application programming interface (API)

We provide an API that submits all your rating and review information to integrate it in a custom way on your website.

Product reviews

Show product reviews on your page from other marketplaces. There is no need for you to collect them anymore.
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Trustami is the solution for your reviews

Reviews and customer experience are important and increasingly relevant for online businesses. Trustami is an independent provider and offers you the possibility to pool all reviews at one place, manage them and then show them via customized badges on every website. Trustworthiness comes first and we maximize the benefits with minimized effort. Over 10.000 users and many partners trust us already. In cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin we assure that Trustami is perceived as reliable and sustainable and our badge stands for trust on the Internet. If you choose Trustami you will benefit from various features, some of them are unique based on our research and no other competitor offer these.

Customer experience incl. texts - With our technology we are the only provider able to collect reviews with commentaries and texts from other networks.
Every review from different channels - In order to benefit from your reputation, you are able to collect very old reviews since the beginning of your business. Additionally, we follow the trend of social media and import likes, followers, views or check-ins from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Currently we support many platforms from social media, e-commerce and other services.
Customized badge - With Trustami you can use your trust badge on many websites and customize it based on your concept.
Google stars - We provide the possibility to show stars without any effort in the organic google search.
Review insurance and alert - Finally, with Trustami you will be able to protect yourself from review loss (account deletion or provider switch) and get informed if you get negative reviews somewhere.

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