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Dashboard for ratings

Get an overview over all your distributed ratings on the internet

As a company owner you are very interested in your online reputation and how your reputation is changing. The Trustami dashboard gives you detailed information. No matter where your customers are reviewing your company, you will always keep track of your ratings and get an overview where you got them. After the login into your Trustami account you can see the the rating-dashboard, your rating history, comparisons between networks or your traffic. To get the most out of your dashboards you can use our trust badge additionally. In our demo-account you can see a live-version of the Trustami dashboard.

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Analysis between platforms

History of your ratings

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In spite of the trend of the declining number of reviews there are more and more portals where your company can be reviewed. Because of this fact it is very hard to keep up to date with all your ratings and reviews. A function of Trustami is the display of all your ratings per network in the course of time. The dashboard shows every rating you got for a specific period of time. With our dashboard you can find out where you get the most reviews or have a high resonance.

Analyze your ratings and improve your online reputation

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The relevance of a multi-channel-distribution is increasing constantly and requires to sell on several different e-commerce platforms. To compare all sales channels we offer the opportunity to show the traffic on every single platform where the Trustami trust badge is integrated. With this function you can compare your own online shop with another sales channel (like hood.de).

Evaluation of the most visited sites

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To know which site is the most visited we show you a list of the most visited sites where you can compare your own statistics. For this function the integration of the Trustami trust badge on every single site of your shop is required. With this function you get current information which product or content is trending or attracts the most customers. You can use these information to improve your online presence without monitoring your site with several external tools.