FAQ – The badge is too big on mobile phones. What can I do?

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Step by step:

1. Log into your Trustami Account

2. Click „Profile“ on the left side of the page .

3. Click on the button with the title „Trust badge configuration“.

4. Check if you have the „Trust badge overlay“ activated.

5. Click on „Customize“.

6. Insert a higher value in the field with the title „Minimal pixel with in pixel“.

7. Click the floppy-disk icon to save.

Hover mouse over image to play animation.

Information about the mobile version of the trust badge

Our overlay badge automaticly changes to a mobile version as soon the depicting devices resolution comes below a certain value. This way it should be prevented that the badge is taking in too much space of the screen.

It can happen though, that mobile devices use a screen with a higher resolution. Then the badge does not change to the smaller version. You can change that by increasing the pixel threshhold manually.